A step back in time...

My father and his siblings were born here and I have to say to be brought up in a home so rich in culture and design is precious.
High ceilings, intricate windows and patterned floors are some of the key characteristics of this home.

Built in 1935 this beautiful bungalow stands tall and mighty in the heart of Amritsar, Punjab.

Above Left Photograph of my great grandfather, Sardar Gurmukh Singh Chawla over a fireplace that reminds me of the art-deco period. What do you think? 

Above Right Such fine etched and cut glass work, these clad all doors and windows through the house and I absolutely love them!

Left A 12 foot tall portrait of my great, great grandfather Sardar Santok Singh Chawla hand painted by an artist circa 1940.

Right My great great grandfather Sardar Santok Singh Chawla and his wife Sardarni Bhagwanti Kaur. They spent much of their time with engineer and architect Mr. SD Wasan in designing the architecture and interiors of their home and the attention to detail can be seen in these photos

Above A bit of Scandinavia, a bit of Mid-Century and a bit of Victorian. Here, an eclectic mix of chair styles that went beautifully with the interiors of the home. 

Above left & right Geometric patterned floors run through the bungalow. These patterns are derived from Islamic, Greek and Roman culture and form a variety of symmetries including rotations and reflections. Also, seen has mathematical tessellations that extend indefinitely and suggest infinity. (more on geometric patterns, under Things That Inspire)

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