Block Printing for our Peony Hysteria Cushions

I drew a peony once, I drew it twice, I drew it thrice but it was perfect the first time I drew it...I didn't realise I'd got it in the first go! 

Happy that the drawing was alright, we went on over to Toffee the block printer. We handed over our drawings to him and he passed them onto to the block maker. The block maker carved our peonies into 3 inch blocks of pear wood finished with copper built up edges for fine printing of the design details. 

When the blocks arrived we squealed with glee and so began the making of Peony Hysteria. We loved our visits to Toffee, it was so much fun mixing colours, trying out so many design iterations and watching the artisans perform their magic so skilfully.  

The art of block printing dates back to the 3rd century and their existence can be traced to ancient civilizations of China, Egypt and Assyria. It is said to have travelled to India in the 16th century where it flourished in the states of Gujrat and Rajasthan and today, India is one of the largest manufacturers of block printed textiles.  

From Doodle to Design : Pictures from different stages of the production of our Peony Hysteria cushions.

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