Suite Nº8  is a home decor brand, where each capsule allows you to check-in to vibrant locations through time. We have a Suite No. 8
at Marrakesh, at Andaz, in the Mughal Gardens, and most recently, under the Moon! These collections consist of gracious table and serve-ware, bold soft furnishings and playful decor accents.

Our design ethos is centered around the idea that design must be an attentive service in itself. Every object that leaves our studio is highly functional but also charms, soothes and delights. We hope to make a mark on memories so that they are cherished and passed onto generations.

Our aesthetic reserves an illustrative quality, that makes the presence of the artisan palpable and consideration of detail, felt.  A distinction beyond our approach is our joyful interplay of striking colour and whimsical patterns. Each piece is individually kneaded, shaped, moulded, engraved, gilded and painted by the finest artisans in India, with the highest quality materials. The brand is proudly made in craft clusters through India.

Our process is entirely in-studio, of complete integration, from conceptualization to creation. We rotate our small batches of production as the seasons change, creating modular and stackable items that can build on collections and locations past.

The brand is constantly looking to combine ceramics, glass, wood, brass and linen in exceptional ways that dress tables and homes spurring conversations and smiles.

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